The risks of Anal Gland Expression

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From time to time a customer will request that I express the anal glands on their pet.  As a general rule, I recommend leaving the anal glands alone.  Let me explain why.

The anal glands are located just inside the anus.  Their purpose is to add scent to the feces.  The scented feces becomes a territorial sign post for other dogs in the neighborhood.  This scenting is a normal and healthy process.

Problems can arise when humans get involved.  When the anal glands are healthy, expressing them can weaken the muscles around the anal glands.  Weakening the muscle can make it more difficult for the dog to express the glands naturally.  In addition, there is  a possibility of rupturing the anal gland if too much pressure is placed on them.

Cats and dogs sometimes do have problems with anal glands.  Blockage and infection are two of the more common problems.   Scooting is a behavior where the pet will drag their backside across the carpet.  Sometimes scooting suggests a dog is just itchy.  Scooting can also suggest that something more serious is going on.

If a medical problem exists, veterinary intervention is the best approach.  Since expressing anal glands without problems can create problems, its usually best to leave the anal glands alone.

If you would like to study this issue further, you may find the following article of interest.  You need to subscribe to read, but its a well written article.


Grooming the Ganaraskan Terrier

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If you have ever done a google search for the Ganaraskan Terrier, you have probably found the results to be inconsistent and varied. This is because, like the cockapoo and labradoodle, the Ganaraskan terrier is a mixed breed dog. As a result, there is no recognized breed standard or official grooming pattern. The popularity of this mix is relatively new, so consistency of grooming styles may develop as these dogs become more common.

The two most common grooming patterns for the Ganaraskan are the cockapoo pattern and the mini schnauzer pattern. In the cockapoo pattern, the body is clipped or scissored to the desired length. The legs are clipped slightly longer than the body. The face is rounded in a teddy bear style. In the mini schnauzer pattern, the back is clipped short. Skirting on the body and furnishings on the legs are left full. The head is clipped short on top and the beard is left long and full.

Some Ganaraskan Terriers have a high maintenance undercoat. This means that owners must be diligent about keeping their dogs brushed. Ganaraskans that are not brushed using adequate technique or adequate frequency may become matted. Dematting is both time consuming and painful for the dog. The best approach for a matted Ganaraskan is to shave the dog short. The new coat can then be kept brushed out as it grows in. The longer the coat is, the more the effort that is required to keep it maintained.

If you have good photos demonstrating the style you prefer, make these available to your pet stylist. Although it can be difficult to determine coat length from a photo, photos are useful in demonstrating shape and pattern.

If your Ganaraskan Terrier requires grooming and you live in the Toronto area, call us. We would be happy to assist you. 416 224 5050.

Welcome to Glamour Pets Mobile Pet Grooming

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Welcome to my new blog.  Stay tuned for posts related to grooming for your dogs and cats.  We are a mobile grooming service located in the Toronto Canada area.  Check out our website at